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Jive Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earbuds, IP4 Waterproof, 30Hr Cyclic Playtime for iPhone & Android

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Most overpriced
headphones are
made with cheap
components in China

Want to Know the Secret to Better Sound?
High-Quality Components.

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    Bluetooth 5.0

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    Matte Black

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    30 Hr Play Time

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    Deep Bass

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    IPX4 Sweat &

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    All Devices

No Need To Use Your Phone - Control Music And Answer Calls With One Tap

Answer Calls, Play & Pause Music, Skip Songs And Increase Volume Just By Tapping The Side Of The Jive Mini Pods

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image description Play/Pause Music
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image description Answer/End Calls
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Compact Charging Case Only 1.74 x 0.84 x 2.11 inches - About the Size of a Car Key

Jive Mini Pods’ charging case is only about the size of a car key and slim enough for even your skinniest jeans.

1.74 Inches
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2.11 Inches

Deep Bass, Comfort Fit, Tap Controls, 30hr Play Time - See Why
Jive Mini Pods Are
The #1 Choice

Why Jive Mini Pods Deliver Best-in-Class HiFi Sound and Deeper Bass.

Because we Invest in High Quality Components, Not Fancy Ads.

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Powerful bass is delivered by a custom-built 8mm driver, 1.77 times larger than other earbuds.

Pair Just Once, With One Touch

Out of the Box, Pair to Any Device with One Touch. Jive Mini Pods Remembers Your Device and Pairs Automatically Next Time.

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Out All Night? Forgot to Charge? That’s No Problem!

Jive Mini Pods’
High-Capacity Charging Case Holds 5 Extra Charges for up to 30 Hours of Listening, So You Have the Freedom to go All Day & Night Without a Charge.

Quick Charge 3.0
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    30 Total Hours of Listening

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    5 Hours Per Recharge

Change Your Outfit, Keep Your Music - Jive Mini Pods Look Good With Everything

Jive Mini Pods’ compact, sleek design means they look as smart in the office as they do in the gym.

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Get Best In Market High-Fidelity Sound at a Fraction of the Price

Jive Mini Pods’
Studio-Quality Components and Beamfoaming Noise Reduction Let You Enjoy Spellbinding Clarity That is Not Only Unbratable For Their Price, But Also Beats Out Overpriced Alternatives.

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image description Beamfoaming Noise Reduction Technology

So Comfortable That It’s Easy To Forget That You Are Wearing Them

Because Jive Mini Pods are ergonomically molded to fit the natural contours of your ear, your ears won’t get sore no matter how long you listen.

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Total Protection From Water And Sweat - Use In The Rain Or While Exercising

Sealed Shell & Interior Hydrophobic Nano-Coating Repels Water Allowing You To Wear Them Confidently In Any Weather Or While Exercising

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image description Water &
Sweat Proof

Jive Mini Pods’ Simple 20 Second Set-Up:

Your Pods Come Charged


Take The Jive Mini Pods Out Of The Box

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Both Jive Mini
Pods Will
Pair To Your

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How The “Harman Target Curve” Allows Jive Mini Pods to Outperform Headphones That Cost 5 Times More

Jive Mini Pods’ Are Engineered With the Ideal Sound Signature: the Harman Frequency Response Curve (of Harmon Kardon). Adhering to it Means Jive Mini Pods Produce Warm, Smooth Sound Without Bass Inconsistencies, Regardless of the Spectrogram (Indicative of Genre) of Any One Piece of Music.

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Zero-Lag Video and Music Streaming with Latest
Bluetooth 5.0

Jive Mini Pods’ are Equipped with Bluetooth 5.0, so You Can Enjoy Lightning-Fast, Crystal-Clear, 100% Stable True Wireless Connectivity up to 33 Feet Away.

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33 ft Range Truly Wireless

27 Major Industry Publications and Top Youtubers Have Awarded Jive “Most Innovative Earbuds 2020”
- See Why



Jive Mini Pods are the daily earbuds of choice for more and more Instagram influencers. You can join their ranks by posting a photo of yourself with #JivePods. We may ask to feature you on our site.

98%+ of Jive Mini Pods Customer Agree Jive Has The Best Sound Quality
- See Why

Nicholas Doyle
Cincinnati, OH

I got these for traveling as well as when working in the yard and so far these are very impressive. I have some fully wireless jabras that I paid 3 times more then these and these are pretty identical in terms of sound. I haven't tested the battery life of the case but the pods have lasted over 4 hours. There’s just no need for me to ever go 30 hours without charging. Sound quality is good, comfort is great, features are also great for what you pay for. I know these are IPX5-rated but I never purposely get them wet but only to clean them or sweating with them. I think it’s a good bet that these are the best under $100 earbuds on the market.

Sara Corea
Baltimore, MD

These earphones are very comfortable to wear around the house and while doing errands. Right out of the box they were easy to pair with my iPhone 11. The controls are very easy to use. A tap on the left bud or a tap on the right bud to switch songs, pause and play. It’s touch sensored so you don’t need to press down hard on the earbuds while wearing them to use the different functions. I have taken them on a couple runs and they have stayed in place with a snug fit almost totally noise cancelling. I do tend to sweat a lot and usually buds like this without a loop around my ear tend to fall out while I run but not with these. The snug fit kept the earbuds in my ear. While running a 5k. Overall, I was really impressed with these earbuds and would definitely recommend.

All Orders Ship
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In order to deliver the best
user experience and make sure
all orders deliver quickly we
ship all orders from our
warehouse in Los Angeles, USA.

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Or Your
Money Back

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    NO RISK -
    60 Day Trial Period

    If you don’t absolutely love your Jive Mini Pods, just tell us within 60 days and we will issue a complete refund.

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    Call Us Anytime,
    For Any Reason

    Our award-winning customer service is here to help, should you have any questions, concerns, or are not 100% satisfied with your Jive Mini Pods.

Customer Review:

9.8 out of 10 151 Customer Rating
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What Customers Loved The Most:

Liam F. image description Verified Buyer
San Francisco, California, USA -
Extremely durable

This is a really good purchase. I am happy with this jive mini pods; there are a lot of features that make it so hi-tech. The Bluetooth instant connects with wide range proximity. The battery life is also incredible, and I charge it once in 3-4 days. I got caught up in the rain once and I had them on; to my surprise, they didn't stop working, and the quality of the sound remained intact. I am very satisfied with this product.

image description
Dario P. image description Verified Buyer
New York, New York, USA -
Smart design and clear sound

I love the design of these earphones, and I love the nice portable case that also acts as a charger. The pods and case have a magnetic feature that doesn't allow the pods to fall out when in place. The pods come fully charged and the battery lasts more than a day. The sound quality is very good, probably the clearest sound I've heard come out of any earphone. I like that the case acts as a charger, I don't need to carry I charger cord with me in case the battery dies on the road.

Eusebio M. image description Verified Buyer
Houston, Texas, USA -
Se siente muy bien en las orejas

Estas cápsulas son una gran inversión, obtuve más del valor de mi dinero. Vienen con un estuche que también es un cargador / banco de energía para las cápsulas. El estuche tiene un cable para carga adicional. Tienen un cuerpo de silicona suave que se siente muy bien en las orejas. El sonido es una de las cosas más notables en comparación con otras cápsulas de la competencia. La batería no decepciona y en realidad dura más de un día. El Bluetooth es de conexión instantánea y no tuve problemas para vincularlo con mi teléfono. Este es un producto que recomiendo.

image description
Cara E. image description Verified Buyer
Phoenix, Arizona, USA -

Jive mini pods gave me precisely what I was looking for in wireless earpods. Its sound quality is off the charts, and it can connect to any of your devices through blue tooth although I don’t like watching films or videos in general with it because the sound of the ear pods does not correspond to the video. I received a lot of compliments, and my friends think the black color of the pods is fresh. People always ask me where I got them from and are shocked when I tell them the price. It is an outstanding product.

Dawn D. image description Verified Buyer
Chicago, Illinois, USA -
Love that they are helping doctors right now!

The pandemic is obviously the most important issue right now. I think it’s awesome that they are giving to help the doctors and nurses who are risking their lives. Feel good about myself for buying these. This is a good company. I had to call their customer service because I accidentally ordered my pods to the wrong address, and the woman I spoke to was really nice and went out of her way to make sure it wouldn’t be delayed or anything.

Desmond L. image description Verified Buyer
Los Angeles, California, USA -
Amazing quality components and sound for the price

How is it possible to get such a good ear pos for this price? The jive mini pods are not even up to $45. It is waterproof, and you can even use it in the rain. The battery can last for a long time, and it doesn’t require constant charging. I was skeptical when I first came across this product but I read the reviews and decided to give it a shot. I am thrilled I changed my mind. You all have to get these ear pods because dammit it is too incredible. It has all these features, and at the same time, it is affordable. I have gotten these ear pods more than three times but my friends and family keep on taking it from me. Well, who can blame them the sound quality is even better than those of many headphones. I just hope the price doesn’t increase because I won’t blame them if it does.

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Martina F. image description Verified Buyer
Jacksonville, Florida, USA -
I was skeptical, but not anymore!

I was first skeptical when my friend introduced me to these earbuds. Honestly, I thought she was over exaggerating when she went on and on about its features. But now that I have one of my own, I understand what the hype is all about. Not only does it sit perfectly on my ear when I am jogging or exercising it can connect to any Bluetooth device even my TV. My friends keep threatening to steal my mini pods, and I always tell them to get theirs because it is not expensive. They seem to never believe me.

Matt W. image description Verified Buyer
San Antonio, Texas, USA -
Nice that I can answer calls with a tap of my finger

My best feature of the jive mini pods is the fact that I can pause my music and answer calls just by tapping on the device. I have searched for a good earbud I can rely on because my phone is always buzzing with business calls. This has cost me a lot of money. I am so happy I found these earbuds because it didn’t cost money. I also like the fact that the pods come charged. This act says great things about their customer service. Overall, it’s a pretty decent wireless earbud.

image description
Paul R. image description Verified Buyer
San Diego, California, USA -
My daughter loves them!

I recently got the black jive mini pods for my daughter, and she seems to really love it. She is always going on about how cool it is and how it instantly it pairs with her phone. She literally goes everywhere with the mini pods. While I was shocked at the price of these ear-pods, I was thrilled. For a wireless ear pod that has all these features, the prize really surprised me. I plan on getting more for the rest of my kids. The quality is impeccable, and the price affordable.

image description
Vernon S. image description Verified Buyer
Boston, Massachusetts, USA -

Dancing without upsetting my neighbors has been made possible for me with these pods. I had problems with pods before because they always came off my ears as I did my stunts or slipped off when I made a sweat. Jive pods don't. They always remain on my ears no matter the stunt, I'm always sweating after a session, and they still don't come off. I don't have to worry about better quality sound from speakers because these pods give to be just that. It is a product that is worth my every penny

Zack G. image description Verified Buyer
Charlotte, North Carolina, USA -
Customer support was super helpful

These pods have all the quality I look out for during selection. Good customer support helped my assurance when I placed an order. The product came charged which I appreciated cause I received it at work. The sound quality is easily compared with the studio headphones which a big plus. The battery lasts longer than most, crossing 24hrs and fills up quickly with charged. The meter range of the Bluetooth is the biggest plus, I can move varying lengths without my phone and still listen to music, and the tap feature makes picking up calls faster.

Lorenzo R. image description Verified Buyer
Portland, Oregon, USA -
Incredible battery and Bluetooth quality

A friend recommended these pods to me because my previous ones kept running out of battery. These pods are great, and they came fully charged and lasted the whole day into the next. I only charge my pods once every 2-3 days. The sound quality is top-notch; music plays clearer and better with a good bass compared to some similar products. I like the Bluetooth instant connection, which saves me waiting and pairing time. I also don't have to carry my phone everywhere I'm going.

image description
Nola B. image description Verified Buyer
Denver, Colorado, USA -
Surpassed my greatest expectations!

These pods are surprisingly very good. My boyfriend told me to get them, and I refused thinking they would be too much hype, he finally got them for me on my birthday wanting me to enjoy them, and I am enjoying them! They surpassed my greatest expectations. They have a Bluetooth instant connect feature that scraps that time wasted on pairing devices. They are so portable, and I find myself taking them with me everywhere I go. It has a noise filtering feature which is great when I take the subway to work.

image description
Mitch G. image description Verified Buyer
Seattle, Washington, USA -

The fact that these pods never fall out of my ears, regardless of what I'm doing, is amazing. As I do the dishes and bop my head up and down, they stay in place. The battery life is good and lasts more than a day before it needs to get charged again. The black color gives the pods a very sleek look and goes well with all my outfit choices. I like the tap feature because I don't have to go to my phone whenever I have a phone call. I am really happy with this product.

Nacho R. image description Verified Buyer
Dallas, Texas, USA -
Switched from Apple-- really glad I did

I first saw the jive mini pods on my bf’s ear. I always teased him that mine which are apple products, are better. This was until I tried it and I saw how wrong I was. Fast forward to months later, I misplaced my apple ear pods and had to get this one. Minus the fact that this is not as expensive as it’s a competition I believe it is actually better than other earbuds. The way it just sits comfortably on your ear without falling off when jogging or working out is really great.

Ollie C. image description Verified Buyer
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA -
Bought these for my friend ages ago, still work great

I got this as a gift for my friend. I didn’t know how good they were, I was just on the hunt for something cheap. I expected them to break down after a month or two. Six months later, I see her jogging with the pods in her ears, and I couldn’t hide my surprise. She thanked me profusely for then saying since the quality of the pods is this good, they must have cost a fortune. I am writing this review because I am here to get one for myself. I hope I am not disappointed.

image description
Aurora Z. image description Verified Buyer
Detroit, Michigan, USA -
They look and sound like way more expensive pods

The customer service pulled through in ensuring I was comfortable and confident with this purchase, and I am. The pods look great, they are black and look more expensive than they are. The qualities of the pods don't disappoint either, with the instant Bluetooth connect and lasting battery, my walks to the office are never boring. The sound quality is way above average and I never have to worry about the pods slipping out of my ear. I don't like to hold my phone while I walk, the tap to receive call feature comes in quite handy.

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