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Jive Mini Pods - Voted “Best Sound Quality 2020”

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Excellent 151 reviews

Overpriced Headphones:

Break Quickly

Poor Sound Quality & No 3D Sound

Fall Out Of Ears Easily

Not Water Or Sweatproof

No Need To Use Your
Phone - Control Music
And Answer Calls
With One Tap

Answer Calls, Play & Pause Music,
Skip Songs And Increase Volume Just By Tapping The Side Of The
Jive Mini Pods

Perfect Size

With A Charging Case
Capacity Of 600mAh

Jive Mini Pods Were
Voted “Most Innovative
Wireless Headphones
2019” - See Why

Bluetooth 5.0 Pairing
In Under 1 Second

Instantly Connect To Any Device That Has Bluetooth Enabled - Including Tablets, Laptops & Smart TVs

Quick Charge 3.0 Technology
Provides Up To 30 Hours Of Listening Time - No Need To Charge Every Day

Low-Power Consumption & Industry-Leading Fast Charge For All Day Listening

Stop Using Bulky
Wired Headphones - Jive Mini Pods Weigh Less Than 2 Oz.!

Lightweight Under 50 Grams & Measuring Under 6 Centimeters - Perfect For Grabbing On The Go!

Studio-Quality 32-ohm Stereo Sound For Optimal Listening Pleasure

Top-Of-The-Range Sound & Microphone Quality That Rivals Popular Expensive Wireless Earphone Brands - Available At
An Affordable Price

Beamforming Noise
Reduction Technology

Specially Molded To Fit The Contour Of All Ears Types and Stay Firmly In Place In All Conditions

Rigorously Tested On 100
Uniquely Shaped Human Ears For Incredibly Ergonomic & All-Day Comfortable Wear

Total Protection From Water And Sweat -Use In The Rain Or While Exercising

Sealed Shell & Interior Hydrophobic Nano-Coating Repels Water Allowing You To Wear Them Confidently In Any Weather Or While Exercising

Pairs Instantly With Any Phone Using Bluetooth 5.0 Technology

Instantly Connect To Any Bluetooth Device - Never Wait To Pair!

Take The Jive Mini Pods
Out Of The Case

Both Jive Mini Pods
Will Automatically Pair
With Your Phone

Monitor The Battery Status Directly On Your Phone

Jive Mini Pods Are Recommended By
27 Major Industry Publications For Sound Quality And Design - See Why

Customers Love Jive Mini Pods - See Why

Nicholas Doyle - Cincinnati, OH

"I love the look of the black Jive Mini Pods. So much cooler than the white earbuds everyone is wearing. Looks aside, the sound is amazing and I can wear them all day and I still have battery. AMAZING."

Sara Corea - Baltimore, MD

“I LOVE my Jive Mini Pods. I go to the gym & do Yoga 5 to 6 times a week and they stay securely in my ears even when I’m in a handstand! They don’t slip out even when I’m sweating. The sound quality is so good, I can’t hear anything else, which helps me focus!”

Is Working To Protect Wildlife & Remove Toxic Chemicals From Our Oceans

A Portion Of The Proceeds From Your Purchase Will Provide Care For Wildlife Affected By Oil Spills And Pollution.

Satisfaction Guaranteed Or Your Money Back
Try Jive Mini Pods For 60 Days
We are so confident you’ll love your product that we’ll let you try it risk-free for 60 days.
Award-Winning Customer Service
Our customer service team is ready and waiting to assure you are completely satisfied with your purchase.

Overall Rating:

Awesome 151 reviews
What Customers Loved The Most:
10 Liam F.
Verified Buyer

These came charged right out of the box and surprisingly they lasted me all day without having to recharge them. It’s really convenient that they just charge in the case (just make sure the case is charged up first). If the battery is low, I can just pop them in there and leave them in my pocket or backpack and they’ll be fully charged for the entire day after a few hours. The silicone exterior makes them really comfortable and the texture means they don’t slip out of my ears. Really happy I decided to go with these wireless headphones over other ridiculously expensive alternatives.


9.8 Dario P.
Verified Buyer

Supongo que tengo orejas extrañas. No me quedan bien los auriculares, especialmente auriculares inalámbricos. Pero, estos auriculares Jive me quedan muy bien. No se como. No me preocupa en absoluto que se caigan! Y el sonido es muy bueno. Por el precio, esto es lo mejor que puedes tener. Mejor que otras marcas caras.


9.5 Eusebio M.
Verified Buyer

These earpods are real cool. My girlfriend buys everything apple and id try her apple earpods and really wanst to impresed. They just don’t sound good. My old $11 headphones id use to go running or biking sounded better tbh. I always give her crap for wasting so much money on her apple earpods. I got these on a whim cause everyone was switching to wireless and thout id try them out. I like the black color alot more, those white ones just remind me of that scene from something about mary. These look sleek af, and the sound beats even...well beats headphones and those are legit.


10 Cara E.
Verified Buyer

I just bought four pairs of the Jive pods for my sister and my three best friends. Ever since I got these, they kept wanting to “try them out” and I felt pretty good when they’d say, wow, these are so much prettier than apple pods. They think I paid a fortune for them! Haha. LOL. little do they know I paid less than $50. They just sound so good. The fit is amazing. I do cross-country running in these and they never feel loose, even when im sweating up a storm. They’re totally waterproof! Thank goodness, cause over the summer I accidentally dropped them in my pool. They were totally fine!


10 Dawn D.
Verified Buyer

I jus love these headphones. They are so comfortoble! My ears are really small, and I always had problems with headphones, especially ones without those tips you can attach. But I absolutley dont experience that with Jive. The outside isn’t slippary like the apple pods, but has this grippy rubbery texture that fits perfectly in my ears. They sound really really good, im no sound expert but their defintley the best sounding headphones I’ve ever tried - and Ive gone through dozens!


9.8 Desmond L.
Verified Buyer

Great sound, great battery life, great cozy fit. What more can you ask for, especially for about $40! I love how it never loses connectivity with the bluetooth. I tried other wireless and they’d lose connectivity non stop. Especially if I wore them at the gym running around, service would go in and out. But the connectivity on these is great. I could walk away a good distance and still be connected. Like our coffee machine at work is about 30 feet away and I leave my phone at my desk.


8.9 Martina F.
Verified Buyer

Me encanta el color negro. El sonido está muy bien también. Pero cuando estoy viendo una película, hay un retraso entre la computadora portátil y los auriculares. Pero con todo lo demás está bien. La música y las llamadas suenan muy claras y se adaptan muy cómodamente a mis oídos.


10 Matt W.
Verified Buyer

These are oustanding! I was prtty skeptical about buying them at first, didn’t think it really could have all those features considering how inexpensive they were. But now I just bought a bunch more for my family and freinds. I’ve tried a bunch of other headphones and these are hands down the best I’ve ever tried. Music sounds like a profesional sound system. I gotta say, Jive has really outdone themselves. I recomend not wasting money on airpods or other expensive brands like beats. You get all those features and more with Jive, plus the black color is really cool. Get complimints all the time.


9.9 Paul R.
Verified Buyer

Exactly what I was looking for in wireless earbuds: high quality at sane price (No thanks to shilling out two hundred on apple). The shape is such that they stay in place without having to jam them into my ear canals. The range on these things is pretty impressive. I work from home and wander when I’m trying to think. I can leave the phone in my office, and go upstairs and they’re still connected. Was really surprised with that. How do you guys manage to fit all this amazing tech into these little pods - especially at this price?


9.8 Vernon S.
Verified Buyer

My best friend got these and I was really liked the look of them. I think the apple pods just look tacky, but maybe I just don’t like the color white. I asked my buddy about them and he let me try them out. Blown away by how good they sounded. I just got my own pair after my friend sent me a link to their site. Shipping was quick, so that was cool. I'm a total fan of these!


9.8 Zack G.
Verified Buyer

Bought these for my daughter after she showed me the ad. Figured they’d be over $100, pleasantly surprised at the price. But then again the price made me think they’d probably break after a couple of weeks. It’s been months and they’re still working great. My daughter loves them. It’s like they’re glued in her ears, she wears them every day, i even saw her sleeping in them a few times. I bark at her a bit to take them off at the dinner table. But yeah, they’re really good. I’m just leaving a review on the site now cause im about to purchase some for myself.


10 Lorenzo R.
Verified Buyer

Wow. For the money these earbuds are incredible. They really are as close to perfect as they come. I’ve tried about half a dozen earbud varieties (I’m kind of an audiophile), and the comfort and sound on these buds were outstanding in comparison to other brands. I tried the Gear Icon x, but they hurt my ears after about 20 minutes. Same with Apple, I tried a friends airpod and something about the design just doesn’t fit my ear shape. The jive pods just fit great, I honestly could (and have) fallen asleep with them in my ears. Sound is really impressive for such a small pod. Really can’t hear much else aside from what I’ve got playing on the pods. So that noise-reduction is really cool.


9.7 Nola B.
Verified Buyer

I was wary about getting these at first, especially since my boyfriend has Apple Airpods and I know how well they work. But these little pods really impressed me. Paired instantly. Came charged right out of the box. Battery lasted a really long time. I think they’re much more comfortable than airpods in my ears, tbh. Even at the gym they don’t wall out. Love that they charge right in the case. Really, I think these are better than my bf’s airpods, and a lot cheaper too!


9.1 Mitch G.
Verified Buyer

I like these little earbuds. The sound is pretty clear and good overall fit. The price tag certainly can't be beat either, and I think the quality is on par with more expensive brands. There is a slight lag though when watching movies with the bluetooth, it’s a bit out of sync. But the earbuds are great for calls, music, and audiobooks, which i use them for primarily.


10 Nacho R.
Verified Buyer

Dios! Finalemente, un par de audífonos inalámbricos que me gustan! Color negro atractivo. Un sonido increible. La bateria dura para siempre. No hay nada que no te guste.


10 Ollie C.
Verified Buyer

These Jive pods are really taking a bite out of apple. Lol. I just mean they’re some serious competition. Honestly they’re better. Just look how sleek that case is! I only need to charge it a couple hours and I swear the battery will last me until the following day. They’re literally my most valuable possession, besides my phone. The sound is just so crystal clear. I can’t believe these things don’t cost like $300. I would’ve paid it, honestly.


9.8 Aurora Z.
Verified Buyer

Seriously, do not waste your money on any other earbuds. I’ve already wasted my money on all of them. But the buck stops with Jive, honestly. These are the best I’ve ever tried. Nice clean design, great fit (I never am concerned I’ll lose them and even if I’m in a headstand (I’m a yogi) they don’t budge. Sound is super clear, no problems with phone calls either. Sounds like the person is right there in the room with you (even if it’s noisy outside). I think you can’t get a better headphone for the price, and think that Jive beats out a lot more expensive headphones in terms of quality too.


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