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Jive Mini Pods - Voted “Best Sound Quality 2019”

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Excellent 151 reviews

Overpriced Headphones:

Break Quickly

Poor Sound Quality & No 3D Sound

Fall Out Of Ears Easily

Not Water Or Sweatproof

No Need To Use Your
Phone - Control Music
And Answer Calls
With One Tap

Answer Calls, Play & Pause Music,
Skip Songs And Increase Volume Just By Tapping The Side Of The
Jive Mini Pods

Pocket-Size Design

With A Charging Case
Capacity Of 600mAh

Jive Mini Pods Were
Voted “Most Innovative
Wireless Headphones
2019” - See Why

Bluetooth 5.0 Pairing
In Under 1 Second

Instantly Connect To Any Device That Has Bluetooth Enabled - Including Tablets, Laptops & Smart TVs

Quick Charge 3.0 Technology
Provides Up To 30 Hours Of Listening Time - No Need To Charge Every Day

Low-Power Consumption & Industry-Leading Fast Charge For All Day Listening

Stop Using Bulky
Wired Headphones - Jive Mini Pods Weigh Less Than 2 Oz.!

Lightweight Under 50 Grams & Measuring Under 6 Centimeters - Perfect For Grabbing On The Go!


Studio-Quality 32-ohm Stereo Sound For Optimal Listening Pleasure

Top-Of-The-Range Sound & Microphone Quality That Rivals Popular Expensive Wireless Earphone Brands - Available At
An Affordable Price

Specially Molded To Fit The Contour Of All Ear Types and Stay Firmly In Place In All Conditions

Rigorously Tested On 100
Uniquely Shaped Human Ears For Incredibly Ergonomic & All-Day Comfortable Wear

Total Protection From Water And Sweat - Use In The Rain Or While Exercising

Sealed Shell & Interior Hydrophobic Nano-Coating Repels Water Allowing You To Wear Them Confidently In Any Weather Or While Exercising

Pairs Instantly With Any Phone Using Bluetooth 5.0 Technology

Instantly Connect To Any Bluetooth Device - Never Wait To Pair!

Take The Jive Mini Pods
Out Of The Case

Both Jive Mini Pods
Will Automatically Pair
With Your Phone

Monitor The Battery Status Directly On Your Phone

Jive Mini Pods Are Recommended By
27 Major Industry Publications For Sound Quality And Design - See Why

Customers Love Jive Mini Pods - See Why

Nicholas Doyle - Cincinnati, OH

“Jive Pods are an amazing pair of high-quality earbuds that pack an impressive amount of charge and have superior sound quality. They’re also so comfortable, I almost forget that I’m wearing them”

Sara Corea - Baltimore, MD

“I LOVE my Jive Mini Pods. I go to the gym & do Yoga 5 to 6 times a week and they stay securely in my ears even when I’m in a handstand! They don’t slip out even when I’m sweating. The sound quality is so good, I can’t hear anything else, which helps me focus!”

Koalas Are
Functionally Extinct -
Jive Mini Pods is Helping Koalas In Need

A Portion Of The Proceeds From Your Purchase Will Provide Care For Koalas Affected By Wildfires in Australia

Satisfaction Guaranteed Or Your Money Back
Try Jive Mini Pods For 60 Days
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Our customer service team is ready and waiting to assure you are completely satisfied with your purchase.

Overall Rating:

Awesome 151 reviews
What Customers Loved The Most:
10 Ted C.
Verified Buyer

These are LIFE CHANGING. I really wanted some wireless earbuds, but I don’t own an Apple phone so Airpods wouldn’t work anyway, plus they are so insanely expensive. I saw an ad for these and I decided to try them. They hook up to my Droid super fast. The sound quality is even better than Apple! I had a friend who owned some airpods and we swapped for a minute. Well, he said he’s mad that he wasted so much money on his and likes mine better. I’m so happy I decided to go with Jive Pods!


9.8 Eddie B.
Verified Buyer

Very pleasant surprise with the Jive pods. The quality is comparable with AirPods. You pretty much get an Airpod experience for a fraction of the cost. I believe that if you did a blind test with Jive and with Apple pods, nobody could tell the difference. The sound is very clear. I also think these fit more comfortable in my ears and felt very secure. I tried Apple pods from a friend and they were too big and I felt they would fall. I like the Jive Pods a lot!


9.5 Rick H.
Verified Buyer

Very nice pair of earbuds. I like the fit, it is very comfortable and I can wear them all day, and it’s like nothing is there! I actually get scared because I don’t feel them and I think they fell out! I grab my ears and they are still there. That is how comfortable they are. Also, i can charge for a couple hours and the battery lasts all day! One day wore them for 15 hours and battery still work! 5 STARS!


10 Maya J.
Verified Buyer

I think I am in love… with Jive pods. I am an exercise addict and I needed some earbuds that could keep up with me. Working out with headphones plugged in is a nightmare, when I am running, my hands always hit the wire and the headphones fly out of my ears and get unplugged from my phone. I tried some other wireless earbuds, but the sound was not good and they would break after a couple weeks after water get into them (yes, imagine, I sweat when I work out!). The Jive Pods can withstand 1 hour of sweaty cardio and my music sounds perfect. I’ve used them for a few months now of daily gym sessions and they work as good as the day I bought them.


10 Veronica O.
Verified Buyer

I just ordered another pair for my husband! Honestly I actually am buying them for myself again because my husband liked my Jive pods so much he stole them from me! before he “borrowed” them, I would wear them everywhere: work, driving, going to the gym. I like how I could take calls and then transition back into my music or listening to my audio books. I can hook them up to anything, even my laptop. I would watch my shows in bed and have the Jive pods in so the sound didn’t bother my husband. The sound is very good, sounds like I am in a movie theater!


9.8 Chris G.
Verified Buyer

I will never go back to my regular headphones. These have improved my quality of life significantly. Very compact and easy to use. Pairs with my Google phone instantly. I like how you can quickly charge it right in the case, and the case fit very easy right in my pocket. I think the sound and call quality is very good and close to Apple. Also, the microphone is very good and I’ve never had an issue taking calls and the person on the other end not hearing me.


8.9 Laury R.
Verified Buyer

It is very easy to pair with my Droid and they feel very comfortable in my ears. I have very small ears and most headphones make them feel sore after a couple of hours. These are a very good fit. I do wish the volume was slightly higher. I am a bit hard of hearing and need things at a higher volume. The volume is probably fine for most people.


10 Floyd L.
Verified Buyer

AMAZING sound of of these little pods. I tried the AirPods and they were cool, but really not worth the price tag. Anyway, I think the sound on the Jive pods is clearer. There is no static sound and also the microphone is very good. All my calls sound like the person is right there. The noise cancelation on the Jive is very good. I think very comparable look & feel to apple but without the crazy price. Do yourself a favor and buy these instead. They are just as good.


9.9 Jed D.
Verified Buyer

I had the Apple airpods and they fell out of my ears and I lost them. The fit was not secure at all and i ended up just throwing all that money away for nothing, why? Just to look cool? I decided to not be stupid and shop around for other earbuds. I saw an ad for Jive and thought they looked great. The Jive pods are just as cool and very easy to use. These work great, the price is amazing and i think the sound is even better. Oh, and they don't fall from your ears!


9.8 Anne F.
Verified Buyer

I love love love this head phones! My son bought them for me because he saw that my headphones that attach to phone always get stuck in my glasses! Now I don't have to worry about that. I feel very modern with these headphones and all my friends are so jealous and ask me to try them. I think the sound is very good and they are very easy to use! I was worried I would not be able to use because I am not so good with electronics and my son helped me. But I think the Jive headphones are easy to use now. I like them so much!


9.8 Dominic M.
Verified Buyer

These are much better than I expected. They stay on very good even when exercising, even sweat does not make them fall out. The sound is nice quality too, very rich and deep. Bass is very nice. So good for the price. It pairs quickly with my iPhone, and stays charged all day.


10 Derrick P.
Verified Buyer

Wireless earbuds are the coolest thing right now and I wanted to stay on trend! I didn’t want to spend a fortune on airpods, just to lose them. A friend of mine told me that he lost his when he was running in the park. I saw an ad for Jive and I read good reviews so I decided to purchase them. So happy I did. They pair with my phone automatically. The sound is very nice and clear. Answers phone calls without a problem and clear calls as well. Also very good range for bluetooth connection. Like 30 feet! Very happy with the purchase!


9.7 Elise A.
Verified Buyer

The Jive earbuds pretty much just live in my ears now. Come on, I a woman of modern times! I just charge them over night and the next day I have them working all day without needing a recharge. I can also walk away from my phone a good distance before the connection starts to break. I do everything with them. I think I may have even forgotten to take them out of my ears when I stepped into the shower. I screamed when I felt them, but they were fine. They are water resistant. The sound is great and I think they’re my favorite electronic device I own.


9.1 Russell R.
Verified Buyer

I like the pods a lot. The sound is very clear and the fit is very comfortable, I’ve tried some other headphones, even from apple and they not fit so well and start to bother my ears after a while. I just wish that the case was wireless charging. But i do have to say the battery lasts a long time.


10 Aaron T.
Verified Buyer

I highly recommend this earbud for sport lovers! I wore these all through a soccer match and even getting knocked down a few times they did not come out of my ears. Blocks water from getting in the tiny speaker and loud clear volume and microphone. You can not get a better price for such a top quality product. This is the best!


10 Forrest S.
Verified Buyer

I think Jive is on the same level as other big name wireless headphones like Beats and Apple. The sound is unbeatable for the price, and the charge on the battery outlasts any high-priced wireless buds I’ve tried in the past. And I am a big tech nerd so I’ve tried a lot. Jive is where it’s at. Don’t waste your money elsewhere.


9.8 Lucie B.
Verified Buyer

My friends think probably think I sleep in these things. I love the Jive pods. I cant believe how good they are and at this price. All my friends are jealous cause they think they’re Apple, but, I think they’re even better. They stay on all day, and the battery lasts forever. Very clear hands-free calls, and people on the other line have no idea im talking through earpods. The sound is good, and I think they eliminate other background sound when I am on the call. I recommend Jive 100%.


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